“I'll never forget Sandy's presentation. I thought her combination of footage of her father speaking and extracts from his book as well as speaking about his life before and after the Holocaust was powerful.”

“Even though what happened to Sandy's father was a tremendous ordeal, I came away from her presentation feeling proud to be part of a country that saved so many Jews and also had faith in human nature.”

“What made Sandy's presentation so incredibly moving was how personal and inspiring it was.”

“I have been told the facts of the Holocaust. However, learning vast numbers of statistics and facts about concentration camps do not correctly tell the story of the horror endured by thousands of people every day. Listening to a truthful account from one person is far more effective.”

“The style of presentation Sandy used when telling her father's story was enlightening and thought provoking. We were all engaged from her first word.”

“Sandy's presentation was inspirational. I had never before seen an actual Holocaust survivor speaking about his experiences like her father did in those interview clips.”

“I think it was ignorant of me not to realize how the children of survivors were affected too. This is another concept that no textbook or teacher could truly show me.”

“I think Sandy's presentation has taught me to stand up against wrong and if I witness evil, to stand up against evil too. I also thought about how precious life is and how you must enjoy life each day.”

“After listening to Joseph Horn's personal accounts of his experiences, I now have a better understanding of what actually happened.”

“Although sad, the presentation did have a message of hope.”

“It was an awe-inspiring presentation and experience.”

“As the world's future leaders, we understand from Sandy's presentation that if we know about the Holocaust, we won't discriminate and cause another.”

“I learned that if we pull together, we can stop wrongdoings such as the Holocaust. The presentation helped me to think about how we treat others.”

“The presentation helped us see the personal stories of the Holocaust, and not just the numbers, and I think that the fact that Sandy is the daughter of an actual survivor made us listen more carefully.”

“The personal stories that Sandy's dad spoke about added so much to the presentation and really emphasized the tragedy of the Holocaust.”

“I think that Sandy's presentation and allowing her father to tell his story to people across the world is very important because hopefully this sort of injustice won't happen again.”

“I thought Sandy's presentation was beautifully constructed and that she told her father's story with compassion and pride, giving his story and others like it the justice they deserve.”

“Sandy's personal connection to the Holocaust made it more real.”

“Sandy told the story well; I could really imagine it. The video of her father talking about his experiences was a good addition to her presentation. He was actually there when it happened, so it was important to hear the story from an actual survivor.”

“I was captivated by Sandy's father's story. I think to share it in this way is an honourable thing to do.”

“I never thought that a story so powerful and brilliant could come from such a tragic period of history.”

“Sandy Rubenstein moved all of us. I personally would like to see a movie made from Joseph Horn's book, Mark It With a Stone .”

“If people had stood up against Hitler, less people would have died. This fact has stayed with me and is most prominent in my mind.”

“Sandy's presentation was touching and made its mark on all of us.”

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