Dear Sandy

Now that you are back in the States and we have had time to consider the feedback from your visit, I wanted to write to you and formally offer our thanks and appreciation for what you shared with us.

The first meeting, which was with the second generation and other interested parties (including some very motivated third generation) has produced a lot of interest. We are arranging a follow-up meeting where your approach can be married with an explanation of technical help available from our JDoc Department . Many people present at the evening appreciated how you tailored your father's story to allow them to emphasize with you as his “voice”, and it has enabled them to consider this way forward as a way of “honouring” their parent(s)/grandparent(s).

I have today received from James Allen's Girls' School a marvelous bundle of letters, feedback and comments. As you saw when we were there, this is a prestigious school, and the fact that you were able to keep the whole of year nine riveted on a hot afternoon, with questions coming thick and fast, speaks for itself. There are so many valuable points made in the feedback replies that I cannot cover them all here, so I am posting them to you, and am sure that you will find them inspiring and up-lifting to read! You will also see the staff evaluations which are both positive and of practical use.

The final meeting, which was with the survivors, I found particularly enlightening. As you were made aware, our speakers ran the gamut of every type of Holocaust experience, from kindertransport, hidden children, false papers and ghetto, to camps and slave labour. Trying to find a united response from such a group is very difficult, but one thing is clear: - they are all getting older and are anxious that their story and that of their loved ones who perished, should not disappear. Your presentation touched them: they were, as far as I could see, unanimous in their positive and enthusiastic response. You have given them the prototype: our problem will be in making sure that each one of them will all have someone as dedicated and involved in their legacy as you are with that of your father (and mother).

We think you are doing tremendous work: may you continue to inform and inspire many people for many years to some.

With my warmest wishes,


Stephanie Rose
Director, Holocaust and Anti-racism Department
London Jewish Cultural Centre
Ivy House
94 - 96 North End Road
London NW11 7SX
Direct Tel: 020 8457 5017


The London Jewish Cultural Centre is a registered charity number 1081014 and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales number 3811133. Registered Office: Ivy House 94 – 96 North End Road London NW11 7SX

Recommendation from Rex Bloomstein:

Sandy Rubenstein is the daughter of a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps. She has grasped her father's story in her hand: to tell a new generation of young people who wish to learn about the Holocaust and its terrible lesson for mankind. Sandy Rubenstein's presentation is important, inspiring and of inestimable value. Look and listen to her and be changed forever. 

-Rex Bloomstein, Documentary Filmmaker, Selected for 2006 Sundance Film Festival;

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